Perfect taste

Perfect taste
November 6, 2017

Bliss..This is what I can say post this place opening in Vaishali. There are many good joints in Vaishali but such a complete place was missing from quite sometime.
The rates are truly pocket friendly and moreover the take away, delivery rates are more cheaper.
Have tried delivery at least 4 times in such a short time span and they have never disappointed in terms of timeliness of delivery. Best part is that they tell at order time the time expected for delivery.
Coming to restaurant, its a relatively small place but enough to accommodate 50 odd people.
Ambiance is nice and not overdone. You will find dried red chilies everywhere.
Chicken tikka roll is really the best thing they prepare and I can have it daily with the mint and curd chutney.
Other items worth trying are:
Chicken seekh and mutton seekh roll, chilly chicken and spring rolls.
In veg….always go for Paneer tikka roll.

Sumit Jain

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